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My Search For the First Trans Gone Wild

TBGHAM | May 27-2021 May 31st-2021 | No Comments
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Reddit is now the home for the most popular online dating website “Trans Gone Wild”. Where men can find hot women to date with in the privacy of their own homes. In fact I was a creditor long before this site came onto the scene. Before there were many websites catering to the needs of those looking for transgendered members to date. All of them were very limited in selection but at the same time they all had members looking for others also.

“Trans gone wild” has caught on in a big way because of it’s user-generated nature. Free to join, no membership fees, thousands of members, open to everyone. No ads, no limits.

When I first joined, I immediately made my profile unique by including my trans name

This has lead to me meeting hundreds of trans people. I met my girlfriend Tiffany through one of her members. We have been dating for about 2 years now. I feel much more comfortable in my girlfriend’s presence than when I was presenting myself to a complete stranger.

It’s a very different feeling when you have a trans friendly person as a friend, you instantly know that they care about trans folks just as you do. You can ask any trans gone wild there are no boundaries, it doesn’t matter what you think they might not be. In fact the members themselves are an inspiration to many of us who were once afraid of our gender identification. We were ridiculed and taunted, now we are accepted.

The great thing about Trans gone wild is that it is 100% gay

If you are trans, you don’t need to try to convince anyone this is not your sexual orientation. If your girlfriend is gay, tell your member, and vice versa. Many gay members will be happy to accept you as gay as that is what we are here to do. We come in all shapes and sizes and it doesn’t matter what you were born as, being a gay man is something that is simply part of who we are.

The biggest thing you can take from this is that transgendered individuals are not any different from anyone else. They are just trying to live their lives the way everyone else wants them to. If you find yourself saying “wow, there goes another gay icon!” then you can breathe a little easier because you are not the first. I am only trying to share with you what it means to be trans. Enjoy your transition and don’t forget that the transgendered community is here to help you through it all.

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