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Trans Sex Advice

The Truth About Trans Sex Life Advice

TBGHAM | April 8th-2021 | 2 Comments
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Recently, an acquaintance shared with me her experience of coming to terms with trans sex. Being a Transgender (Transgender/ Transgender (TGI) or shemale/hermaphrodite) woman. She is leaving behind the staid and conventional aspects of her upbringing. All in order to pursue her true transgendered destiny in the more open, liberated, and open-minded modern world. Her story is one that I hope many other trans couples will read and learn from. Let me offer the unvarnished truth in one unvarnished sentence: Being transgendered is not a big deal!

To be clear, I am NOT a doctor

I am merely a witness to what many transgendered people have discovered for themselves during their own self-discovery processes. (And believe me when I tell you that this revelation was nothing short of incredible!) This being said, my testimony will not be of value to trans woman looking for some instant fix, some magic wand that will make their transgendered bodies look the way they want them to look. No such fix exists.

My point about trans sex is rather something like this

Transgendered people have as much right to love, desire, and live as any other “real” human being. The fact that they choose to live a transgendered lifestyle under the false assumption. Is that it will improve their odds of finding the perfect partner. Simply making themselves more pleasing to God or fellow humans is their loss, not God’s fault. God does not favor a transgendered person’s being self-absorbed and isolated. God does not require that a transgendered person change his or her body at gunpoint. And, most importantly, God does not require that a transgendered person! Give up his or her right to live as he or she truly desires.

I therefore wholeheartedly endorse the right of trans people to live as they wish and do as they desire. However, I also recognize that the trans sex life can sometimes be complicated and even troublesome for trans people. This is especially true given the often steep learning curve associated with changing gender.

Struggling and coping with reality

Those who are struggling with coming to terms with their gender identity. Also those who are still discovering their own personal truths may find themselves needing advice from others. Who have been where they are now and have navigated the same road before. This is the reason why the internet can be such a great place for trans people to turn to. Especially for those seeking information on how to transition and survive as a transgendered. Even more so (or, in more specific, trans sex) person.

The online trans sex advice can also come from those who have successfully transitioning. Now they are living their trans sex life as openly and happily as possible. Such advice can come from trans support groups, trans blogs, trans forums, and trans forums. In addition, you can also get sound trans advice from your doctor. If he or she is also knowledgeable about your particular transition and its implications for your mental and physical health. Finally, you can look to a counselor, therapist, or sex therapist. Al that to help you with your transition. Whether it is from information on finding your right therapist. To finding out which transition is best suited for your personality type.

As you can see, the trans sex life is not as cut-and-dry as some people make it out to be. There is no one piece of trans advice that will apply to all trans people and situations. As such, it is up to each trans person themselves to make sure that they have the trans sexlife advice. That best suits them and their personality and, most of all, their lifestyle.

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